Videos of the Procedure Log app demonstrating some of the app's features.

All names and entries in the videos are fictitious.

Video Demos

Info Section

(current as of version 4.2)

Read basic information about the app, see what additions and improvements were made in each version, check out the help and instructions page, link to ways to contact the app's creator, and view the privacy policy.

Create User

(current as of version 4.2)

Enter your name, institution's name and your email address for use by the app, and create a username and password. Also answer security questions that must be answered to retrieve a forgotten username or password.

Settings Section

(current as of version 4.2)

Edit the user information, the procedures, the complications, the locations where a procedure was performed, the supervisor names, and frequently used titles of photos. Also set the app's preferences such as whether to use Touch ID/Face ID and the default sort order.

Retrieve Forgotten Username or Password

(current as of version 4.2)

If you forget your username or password, you can retrieve them by answering several security questions, which must have been set up previously either when creating a new user or by going to Settings > Edit User.

Create a Log Entry

(current as of version 4.2)

Add a new log entry, including getting your supervisor's signature.

New Log Entry for a Given Patient

(current as of version 4.2)

Add a new procedure for a patient that has a previous log entry.

Edit a Log Entry

(current as of version 4.2)

Edit a log entry after it has been created, including adding supervisor's signature attestation if not done when the entry was created.

Create Reports

(current as of version 4.2)

Create PDF and CSV reports of your logged entries and a backup file of all your data. These can then be sent by email, AirDrop, or to your iCloud Drive or DropBox account.