iPhone 5s

Procedure Log

Available on the App Store

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.  This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

This app was created for physicians, residents, medical students, and other students in the healthcare fields to keep track of and docu­ment pro­ce­dures performed.  The app is highly customizable and useful in all medical specialties.

Entries are securely kept in your iOS device and are not sent to any outside server, website or database.  Reports are created and saved as either a password protected PDF file or a password protected CSV (comma-separated values) file that is compressed to a ZIP file (which allows password protection) to comply with HIPAA security re­quire­ments.  The reports can then be emailed or accessed via iTunes.  CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet program.

View the demo videos to see the app in action.

One should not rely on this app alone to keep track of their procedures and is advised to frequently backup the files created. See the Create Reports section in the Help/Instructions view of the app for information on backing up and restoring your data.


✔ Keep a log of the procedures you have performed, assisted in, were 2nd assist in, observed, or supervised for docu­men­tation purposes.

✔ Document the patient's name, ID number, age, date per­formed, location, supervisor, diagnosis, complications and additional notes with the procedures performed. Also, one can take a photo with your device's camera or import a photo from your photos library from within the app, and include the photo in a record.

✔ Option to select one or multiple diagnoses from a list of either custom diagnoses or ICD-10 diagnoses for any given procedure

✔ Select multiple procedures performed on a single patient.

✔ Sort by date (ascending or descending), patient name, procedure name, and medical specialty.

✔ Capture supervisor's signature to attest that you performed or assisted in the pro­ce­dure(s) and include the signature ima­ges in your reports. Either obtain the supervisor's sig­nature attes­tation at the time you create the log entry, or save the entry without the signature and obtain the signature attestation at a later time.


✔ List of procedures, custom diagnoses, and complications are easily customizable (you can add procedures, diag­noses, and com­plications to or delete them from the lists). (ICD-10 diagnoses cannot be edited or deleted.)

✔ Locations and Supervisor's names are saved and can be selected from a picker so you don't have to type them in again when adding another log entry.


✔ Create reports in password protected PDF format and as a CSV file that is password protected in a ZIP format, as well as a password protected backup of your data, that can then be emailed, sent via AirDrop, or downloaded using iTunes when your iOS device is con­nected to your computer.

✔ Reports can be created for a specific date range, and one can specify the primary, secondary and tertiary sort order of the PDF report.


✔ In addition to backing up to iCloud and/or iTunes, if you have a DropBox account and the DropBox app is installed in your device, you can copy the password protected backup file and reports to DropBox from within the Procedure Log app.


✔ App is password protected and all data is encrypted when your iOS device is locked and protected by a password.

✔ PDF and CSV reports are password protected.

✔ Retrieve your username and password if you have forgotten them; you must first answer several security questions in the "Create User" or the "Edit User" views.

App for iPhone® and iPod touch® to document medical procedures.